Food Bank Client Intake Software:

Simple, Affordable & Customizable

Easily manage agency monthly feeding reports; programs such as CSFP, TEFAP, SNAP and others. No more chasing reports!

Connect all your member agencies to gather real-time statistics and data.

Oasis Insight serves hundreds of food pantries and 80+ food banks across the US.

Joey Yarber

Sales & Implementation


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Simple to Start

Easy to Use

Secure, web-based


Volume Pricing Available

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Volume Pricing Available

Digital Signatures

Client IDs & Barcode Scanning

- Go Paperless

- Auto-filled Signature Sheets

- Faster Distribution

- Print + Use ID Cards Inexpensively

- Rapidly Open Cases w/ Single Scan

- Add Assistance records w/ Single Scan

- Drastically Reduce Data Entry Time

Shelly Hahne

Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food bank

San Diego, CA

"We have found Oasis Insight so user-friendly and intuitive. At one of our meal sites, there is a volunteer who has sever arthritis which limits some of his mobility, but he really wanted to help. When the tablet is in barcode scan mode, he can easily scan people's cards and hit the green button to confirm. Now he runs the whole check in process!"

As the Food Bank you are the perfect organization to connect your partner agencies to streamline client intake and reporting

If you wish to bring this in as an initiative for your food bank network, ask our team about our popular "unlimited" agency volume pricing option

Do it now! Join the other food banks across the country using Oasis Insight!

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